Financial and management overview of Dru |


Financial and management overview of Dru

Financial and management overview of Dru

Financial and management overview of Dru

The core of the Dru organisation’s mission is to provide education and training in self-help approaches to health and wellbeing at every level. To do this effectively Dru has become an international organisation with centres in the UK, continental Europe, India and Australasia.

We fulfil our mission as not-for-profit organisations, and support a number of charitable and not-for-profit projects including: anti-bullying and peace education in schools and medical camps in India.


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Dru UK & Dru Australia

  • Servicing the English-speaking world, Dru Australia and Dru UK are separate legal entities but work together with shared global principles and aims.
  • We are not-for-profit companies limited by guarantee, with degrees of tax exemption status in each country.
  • Dru UK is a designated Social Enterprise.
  • Our organisations have managing committees registered within their own respective countries.
  • There are no shareholders in either organisation nor do any of their members receive profits.
  • All income is put back into each company so that we can best meet our goal to affect a maximum amount of positive change in the world with our self-help programmes.  

Our research shows that the self-help education we’re providing is highly effective in helping people become healthier, more empowered and compassionate members of society.

University research suggests that Dru approaches have the potential to save society considerable expenditure in the health sector. This applies to physical health, as well as emotional, mental and social health. Illness prevention through lifestyle management can save the health care systems in each country millions. 

Our approach to health and wellbeing is to help as many people as possible become active contributors to building a more peaceful and compassionate society.  Hence our goal is to ‘transform the world by giving people the tools for transforming themselves’.

This powerful purpose has arisen from our commitment to find ways to apply self-empowerment and community contribution for the development of human potential.


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Personal empowerment lies at the heart of Dru's funding approach

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Financial approach

We have tried to translate these principles of empowerment and giving into our approach to our finances.

Consequently, we use a user-pays approach to our funding, because we have discovered this is the most effective and far-reaching approach to creating change in the world. It is our experience that people implement their new knowledge more effectively using this model.

Approximately 50% of the work achieved by our organisation is done by volunteers and we do our very best to minimise our expenditure and spend our precious resources wisely. We try to combine resources to help our planet (for example we often share cars and living expenses). Our Dru centres also provide for local employment.

The paid staff we do have oversee many volunteers, enabling us to achieve results comparable to organisations many times our size. Our Dru team is made up of people who value giving service and making a contribution to the world. We do best to spend our precious resources wisely and as such we give our time, enthusiasm and passion to reach our overarching vision: to be ‘empowered people creating global community’.