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Posted on 16 July, 2020
Learn about two concepts from Ayurveda which will increase health and happiness! 

Posted on 9 July, 2020
Reduce anxiety with these tips from Ayurvedic expert Shona Sutherland. Interested in finding out more? 

Posted on 2 July, 2020
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Posted on 25 June, 2020
Ayruveda means the wisdom or knowledge of life - from yoga to supplements to nutrition and spiritual practice.




Posted on 14 July, 2019
In this fast moving World that we live in, where stress and worry have become such a 'normal' part of life – it is a relief to have a powerful 'tried and tested' tool kit available to keep us calm amidst the storm! With heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer and cancer ever on the rise, it is so important to know that there is a way to manage and even possibly avoid such life challenging events through this extraordinary science. We invite you to immerse yourself into the magic and mystery of Ayurveda. It will not only keep you balanced but also keeps you connected to your true nature and conscious of the part you play within this magnificent universe! This is why a 9 day immersion is an essential 'must' for everyone at some point in their incarnation! Nine days of blissful Ayurveda >... more


Posted on 2 July, 2019
Agni—The Flame Within Agni is the Sanskrit name for 'fire'. In Ayurveda, it refers to all the biological fires that govern metabolism in our bodies. However the main one, that we have most control over, is the Digestive Fire. Think of agni as a fire that consumes your food into its nutrient parts. If your digestive fire is low then you end up with unburnt toxic food residue which your body then has to deal with.  The way your agni behaves depends on several factors. Two important factors are the state of your current health and your ‘Dosha’ profile.
  Take a quiz to find your Dosha profile >       9... more
Posted on 29 March, 2018
Did you know there's such a thing as waking up at the perfect time each morning for your unique constitution (dosha)? Ayurveda and Yoga both believe that how you wake up, as well as when, is crucial to experiencing a vibrant, stress-free, energised and purposeful day. So tomorrow morning, before you jump out of bed and dive in to your day (or reach for your phone!), maybe take just 5 minutes to focus yourself. Take 5 deep breaths... With the first breath, breathe in to your physical body (annamaya kosha) - feel your abdomen rise, lungs expand and clavicle rise as you breathe in, and feel them relax as you breathe out. Focus just on the physical... more
Posted on 26 April, 2017
Making digestion a science and an art Can these top ten ayurvedic tips help you to feel in tip top shape?  Make warm water your first drink of the day after waking. This encourages toxins to be flushed from the system and boosts the digestive fire (agni). Make oil pulling and tongue scraping a regular feature in your morning routine. Both help to cleanse the mouth and digestive tract and a gentle gag reflex from the tongue scraping also boosts the digestive fire. Follow the path of the sun! The strength of your digestive fire is at its best between 10am and 2pm so it is best to eat the main meal of the day at lunch-time. Eat light, warm and easily digestible food in the morning and the evening. Eat appropriate quantities of food. Ayurveda recommends we eat the amount of food we can... more
Posted on 9 February, 2017
Join us on another journey to the supermarket whilst we discover the world of kapha, with the fantastic Keith Squires! Last but not least, we take a look at the slow but patient kaphas as they make their way around the supermarket. Assortment of vegetables Kapha types may feel too lazy to shop, but the overpowering need for food will soon change that. They are also natural hoarders, so cupboards will be kept well stocked of goodies. They will choose a large trolley and slowly start moving through the store - possibly starting with good intentions as they may be... more
Posted on 6 February, 2017
Continuing our exploration of the doshas, we join Keith Squires again, on your favourite supermarket trip. This time we are looking at the pitta personalities and their coordinated style of shopping. As we found in our study of vata in last post, one of the best places to see the doshas at work is the supermarket! So your trolley trip need not be a meaningless chore, it can be made into a fun activity. It's not hard to spot pitta dosha customers as they move around the store, but as with vata last time, the more interesting part is at the checkout till.  ... more