Course information - pre 2019 |


Course information - pre 2019

Course information - pre 2019

Dru Yoga teacher training

Choosing the right yoga school to train with is a big decision and will shape your entire career as a yoga teacher. In the Dru Yoga teacher training course you can train just for your own personal development or begin a career that could be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do. 


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Dru Yoga teacher training - it's for you!

Mona Fairholme

Mona Fairholme

Therapist and yoga teacher trainer

Before the course I was insecure and very stressed. During the course I learned how to breathe. I am now calmer and more confident. The course exceeded my expectations.


Make a living doing what you love

With the Dru Yoga teacher training course you'll become a highly skilled yoga teacher, boost your skills as a therapist, excel as a group leader and make great friends along the way. A great new career option!


Train just for yourself

Or you may want do the Dru Yoga training just for yourself, gaining from Dru's vast yoga knowledge and excellent training in group management skills. About 30% of our trainees do the course for their own personal interest.


Dru Yoga is for everyone

You'll be trained to use Dru Yoga for people of all abilities and fitness levels. Based on flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation, Dru Yoga emphasises wellbeing with ease.



Christiane and Dru Yogis - sitting twist by river

Christiane Saar et al

Half sitting twist in the Nant Ffrancon Valley, Wales

Health benefits - scientific research

University research shows Dru Yoga eases back pain, decreases stress, reduces anxiety and fatigue... while boosting confidence and emotional well-being. You'll be well-placed to make a great living!


The sky’s the limit - professional development

Our postgrad training enables you to keep expanding your knowledge (inc. yoga therapy, dance, back care, prenatal, children, meditation, sound & nutrition etc).


You’re in good company

Since 1987, thousands of Dru yoga teachers have been trained worldwide. In the UK we have courses running in various parts of the country to help you find a course that suits you.


Flexible training with Dru

  • start teaching halfway through the course
  • flexible course structure 
  • indepth post-graduate programmes
  • back care and pre-natal
  • yoga therapist accreditation
  • variety of payment plans

If you are a therapist

Boost your skills as a therapist with Dru Yoga's profound knowledge of how to clear painful thoughts and emotions from the body. Teach your clients self-help techniques to stay balanced between visits.

Earn as you learn

Half of our students start to teach before graduation, earning as much as half their course costs before they finish. It's pretty easy to earn the rest within a year.

Create a supportive group environment

Understand how to make your yoga classes into a supportive group experience with Dru's deep understanding of group energetics. Many HR professionals and corporate trainers do the course just for this reason!

Become a master of yoga's subtle energetics

Deeply understand the subtle reasons yoga postures work. Dru Yoga teachers are trained to simultaneously improve all layers of awareness: physical, subtle energy, emotive, discriminating, unity.

Make friends for life!

How could we miss this? It's very likely you'll make some of the warmest, most supportive friendships of your life amongst the many like-minded people you'll meet on the Dru Yoga teacher training course.


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Retired Teacher, Llanerch-y-Medd

I feel like this course is enabling me to discover myself, module by module - whether I wanted it or not deep soul searching is ensured and a new ‘me’ is emerging.

You can be confident that your teacher training

  • presents a comprehensive, indepth syllabus
  • provides clear, easy-to-follow illustrated manuals
  • is taught by top international tutors
  • offers the recognition of an international school
  • leads to membership in a vibrant network of Dru teachers (DPN).

Discover your potential, clarify your purpose

Above all, the Dru Yoga teacher training course helps you become more 'you'. It will help you clear away the stress and busy-ness of modern living, soften old emotional pains and regain the fresh originality of your lifelong dreams.


Applying is easy!

  1. Simply download and fill in the application form
  2. Then ask your yoga teacher, a colleague or friend to write you a reference
  3. Send your application and reference back to the Dru team
  4. We will be in touch to arrange an interview or a session at a nearby try-out day.
  5. If you haven't already done so, you may want to reserve your place on the course by paying your registration fee*


Dru Yoga - become who you really are.

The Dru Yoga teacher training course helps you become more 'you'.


What now?

We'll review your application and references and get back to you shortly.  We’d normally want to meet you or speak with you by phone or skype, so we’ll be in touch to arrange an interview. Alternatively,you could attend a session at a try out day.

We're very much looking forward to welcoming you onto the Dru Yoga teacher training course! You can pay your registration fee* via the training course pages >>


Find out more or apply now

Our course prospectus contains a wealth of information, and if you can't find answers to your questions, our friendly office staff would love to help you. Or if you're ready to take the next step, download the application form to your right.


Radha Patel Dru Yoga teacher

Radha Patel

Dru Yoga teacher


You can choose to do this training to become a teacher or for your own personal development.

About one third of our students do the course for their own personal growth, knowing that Dru’s deep insights into the body-mind system will make a huge contribution to their lives. Generally, these students find the ‘teacher-training’ aspects of the course very beneficial.

No matter what you will begin to experience new, higher levels of energy resulting from establishing your own daily yoga practice.  You will also find that you are more relaxed and can cope better with the stresses of everyday life.

Above all this is the start of a wonderful period of in-depth learning, building personal and professional skills, establishing new friendships and an exciting journey of self-discovery!


Dru Yoga - become who you really are.



You will begin to experience new, higher levels of energy resulting from establishing your own daily yoga practice.


Want to deepen your practice?

If you have no intention of teaching, you'll find the Dru Yoga course richly rewarding. You'll be in good company, because many Dru Yoga trainees do the course simply to gain yoga's many benefits just for themselves.


You'll enjoy the teaching skills

And in our experience you'll enjoy the teaching skills sections, which are deliberately taught with you in mind: they are fun, build friendships, and help you deepen your practice.

Moreover, these sessions help you learn the energetics of communication, which will boost your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and in your profession.


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I enjoyed everything about this workshop. Nice to be on the receiving end. Padma's introduction to the koshas. The very interesting technique for the diaphragm and diaphragmatic breathing. The pear tree partner work and flowing individual sequence.

Friendships that last

The nature of Dru Yoga teaching creates a warm, supportive group environment. It's very likely that you'll form some of the greatest friendships of your life from amongst the warm and friendly bunch of like-minded, supportive people you'll meet on the course.


Give back to the world

Dru Yoga practitioners tend to enjoy giving back to society, each finding their own unique ways to add to the world. Run a marathon in Rwanda to support rebuilding efforts? Set up a new charity? Climb a mountain for a good cause? Dru Yoga will help you discover the sky is the limit!





* On some occasions we may suggest that you do some more preparation before joining the course, or that another stream of Dru would better serve you. If that happens your deposit is fully refundable. 


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