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Dru Online Courses - your online university

We know it's sometimes hard to fit it all in! To get to a yoga class AND feel like you're learning study and growing too. That's why here at Dru we've got a range of fantastic online courses to inspire you. Below are some of our really popular online courses for you to explore and enjoy!

The Power to Live Your Dreams online course - 10 weeks

In this 10 week online course, our senior tutors will help you discover your dreams and activate your power of manifestation, so that you can live a life filled with clarity, purpose and fulfilment.

You will also learn to design your day so you can achieve your highest goals and learn to create more time for your life’s priorities. 

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Introduction to Ayurveda online course - 30 days

This 30 day course will teach you how to feel totally in control of your health: more energised, radiate and balanced.

Ayurveda helps you make sense of yourself—to understand your original nature so that you can heal and revitalise your body, mind and emotions.

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Vedic Astrology online course

Vedic Astrology online course with Chris BarringtonMany of the questions you have about your life, your past, present and future have clear answers once you begin to understand the sacred science of Jyotish.

It includes the essence of Vedic Astrology with its unique predictive methods plus the powerful approaches in Western Astrology that will enable you to very quickly get an understanding of what makes someone 'tick'!

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Boundless Energy online course - 6 weeks

Imagine that feeling of boundless energy now -  it’s like walking on sunshine!

Your body feels light, there is a spring in your step, your skin glows, your eyes smile, your mind is clear and focused. There is a greater confidence in your voice and presence. This all comes from simply having MORE ENERGY!

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Dru Meditation online course - 9 months

online meditation

This 9-month course takes you week-by-week on one of the most exciting yet rewarding journeys of your life! A wonderfully comprehensive introduction to meditation, we aim to get you meditating, de-stressing and relaxing as quickly as you can!

You'll be guided effortlessly through the course via our richly informative course manuals and soothing meditation downloads.

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The Dru Bhagavad Gita online self-mastery course - 18 months

online gita course

The Dru Bhagavad Gita online self mastery course gives you a template for daily living that will help you to create the best mental and emotional environment for achieving your highest purpose. 

Over eighteen months (one chapter per month) you will explore in depth ancient teachings and contemporary self mastery techniques, taking you ever-deeper into a fascinating journey of discovering your self. 

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Living with the End of Life online course

Living with the End of Life, an online course to help you guide a loved one beyond living, with Andrew Wells

Every one of us has experienced having a loved one make their journey into the Infinite. And without doubt, it will be one of the hardest experiences in any of our lives.

Western society gives us almost no training to prepare for this important moment in our lives, but humanity has evolved a vast body of wisdom to help us make this one of the most remarkable and fulfilling experiences we'll ever have. 'Living with the end of life' aims to bring you that wisdom.

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