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Posted on 3 June, 2023
Welcome! Andrew Wells gives you an overview of what you can expect from Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Diploma course.  Discover more > Our next APD course starts online and in Scotland F2F on 23 Sept 2023.  Because of your yoga journey, no doubt you are so much better at handling your emotions, at understanding the world, the nature of who we are as humans... you're able to teach people and they really benefit from being with you.  You may not realise it, but by most standards today, you are an incredible person!... all because of that moment! If you've ever had a moment where you wanted to know more of what yoga can give to you... This course offers you the next step in your yoga evolution.  Yoga gives you a nearly complete map of the psyche, from the physical all... more

Posted on 22 October, 2022

Posted on 17 September, 2022
Dr Ned Harfiel describes some of the research which demonstrates the power of Dru yoga techniques for improving wellbeing - physically and mentally.  A pilot study at Bangor University indicated that a yoga-based stretching and strengthening programme significantly reduced back pain and stress. Here's just some of the numbers from university research into the effectiveness of Dru Yoga: Area of wellbeing Increase More composed - less anxious 120% More clear-minded - less confused 500% More elated - less depressed 240% More energised - less tired 270% More agreeable - less hostile 100% More confident - less unsure 210% Life purpose and satisfaction 330% Self confidence during stress... more

Posted on 7 May, 2022
We warmly call together all fellow seekers, yogis, meditators, and light workers to join hands with us as Global Ambassadors for peace. Become an ambassador of light >

  Discover the story of Dru We invite all those who understand the power of the individual to affect change and to lift and inspire the world as one global family. Together we can help create a better, more compassionate and balanced world.


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Posted on 24 April, 2022
"I discovered Dru Yoga unexpectedly at a time when I was constantly stressed and anxious in my work life. This was impacting on my personal relationships. I was questioning my purpose and I felt like I needed to make changes but I didn’t know what. As I progressed through the course I first started to feel less stressed and found I was better able to stay in the present moment rather than becoming anxious or worried about what had happened or what was to come. This has really helped me manage a demanding job much better. The biggest impact the course had on me though was that it helped me to become more compassionate towards myself. It encouraged me to take time to listen to my body and my own intuition and have the courage to take action from this. I have made some significant... more

Posted on 6 March, 2022
Specially for students of the Advanced Practitioner Diploma, join Andrew for a quick overview of how to access the Manomaya Kosha - especially after accessing the Pranamaya Kosha.  And while we're at it, here's some thoughts on the Chakra Chart. Any questions?  Please put them in your tutorial group's WhatsApp chat, or send them to apdcourseadmin@druworldwide.com. We're here to support you!

Posted on 11 January, 2022
Welcome to 2022! Andrew gives you some thoughts for 2022, the significance of your studies on the Advanced Practitioner Diploma, and some ideas for extending your discoveries of the Pranic layer.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Christmas Dru Yoga Class text

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Posted on 16 December, 2021
You are transforming the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. Whether you take yoga of the mat or teach in a studio, Yoga is all about connecting. It's about connecting ourselves with the elements, with the environment and nature around us. It's understanding how we are part of this cosmos that is so beautiful and is so much more complex than we will ever be able to understand. For many of us, a simple way to connect is to go for a daily walk in nature. But as trees are being cut at a record speed around the world, we figured we'd better do something!   If you would like to share our Trees for Christmas mission with your students, we have designed a special (Christmas) tree lesson plan for you.  Christmas Tree lesson plan
  Trees for Dru

Posted on 15 December, 2021
Andrew gives you an introduction to why the Pranamaya kosha is so important - from a therapeutic point of view, as well as from a spiritual perspective. Best wishes!


Posted on 28 October, 2021
What do we do on the Advanced Practitioner Diploma course?  Andrew Wells gives you an example of the interactive style of the course, and how it will enable you to discover depths and benefits from your yoga you could never have dreamed possible.  As an example, for the second chakra - the part of your mind that governs your relationships - he shows you how the course explores the awesome capabilities of the Triangle posture.
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