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How Dru Yoga works

How Dru Yoga works

How Dru works

Dru Yoga and Meditation offer a variety of benefits to your body, mind and emotions. Often referred to as 'the yoga of the heart', Dru creates the unique experience of feeling that you've 'come home'.



Dru is remarkably effective for healing your body and comes into its own when transforming emotions into positive and redesigning your mind. How does it all work?

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Yoga of the heart

Dru creates a feeling of 'coming home'

The emphasis is on your awareness

Rather than competing to attain end-range movements and perfection of alignment, Dru's interest is in the quality of your awareness. Dru practitioners aim to create an inner alignment, when body, heart, mind and spirit all flow evenly and you feel like you're held in a magnificent moment of stillness and connectedness. Touching your inner power.

Redesigning all layers of awareness

The ancient yoga system describes five layers of our experience: body, prana, emotions, intellect and spirituality. Dru practitioners particularly enjoy calling upon the healing potential of each of these layers in a dynamic flow throughout their practice. You might start by moving your body with clear attention on the ripple of muscles and shape of spine and structure. Simultaneously you might be aware of the state of your consciousness in and around your body - that's your pranic layer. And then to add power to your transformation you'd place your attention within your emotional body; calling healing emotions into your life. Deep inner knowings and affirmations bring your techniques to life... and finally you're likely to enter a deep abiding stillness - and that's where the magic starts!


Rosie Marsden

Rosie Marsden

DRu Yoga teacher & University student

Energy Block Release sequences are unique to Dru and really offer the mind and body so much goodness in such a short time...

Core stability 

One of the reasons Dru is so remarkable for healing back problems is it's expertise in helping you develop your core stability. Gentle movements and awareful strengthening - with these it's remarkable how quickly you can improve your back, your posture, your breathing and your feeling of being supported in this beautiful world.

Energy Block Release sequences

Just as a house needs electricity to power all its appliances, so the body requires a constant supply of prana, or energy, to enable the organs to function well. Energy flows freely through the body when our lives are harmonious and we express ourselves easily.

Causes of energy blocks

  • inadequate exercise
  • poor posture
  • stiff muscles and joints
  • negative and inflexible patterns of thoughts and behaviour
  • unexpressed thoughts and emotions


EBR4 - living with wisdom (with Coby Langford)

Energy Block Release 4 is also called "living with wisdom" and is a mudra energisation sequence.

This sequence is very helpful for whenever we may experience circumstances that cause us to doubt our capabilities or question our decisions.  Regular practice of this sequence during such times of challenge or uncertainty will renew our inner conviction, remind us of our personal power and bring clarity about the way forward.



Energy Block Release sequences are powerful, effective and graceful.


Try it today!


What happens to blocked energy? 

Blocked energy lodges itself first in our joints. If it isn’t released, it goes deeper and settles in the muscles and from there into the internal organs. Unless discharged it will eventually create an environment in which disease can develop.

Releasing trapped energy

Dru Yoga EBR sequences are carefully designed movement programmes that work systematically through the body to release tension and clear energy blockages. The freed energy is then available to be used to heal the body and empower the mind. 


Discover more about Dru Yoga...

Dru is a style of yoga that can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over a lifetime.


Harness the energy of emotions

Dru practitioners consider e-motions to be Energy in Motion. Transforming painful emotions into positive is hallmark of Dru, with techniques tried and tested in war zones. All experiences in your psyche are simply energy - neither positive nor negative - just waiting to be channelled towards your higher nature. Yoga postures and meditation techniques then enable you to focus your awareness with laser-like precision to create the transformations you'd like to achieve.

Kathy Hutchings Warrior on Kit Hill in Cornwall

Harness the energy of emotions

Energy in Motion

Redesign your awareness

Western society has not quite yet discovered an incredible truth: you can reshape your awareness by using your movements and breath as a lens. This is an incredibly far-reaching statement to any yogi who has explored how postures can create their own signature shapes within your consciousness: and to give you a few of examples... 

  • the crane posture brings you poise, balance and remarkable alertness
  • the tree posture aligns you with your innate purpose 
  • warrior 1 brings earth awareness and strength to your heart
  • warrior 2 takes this and converts it into empowerment
  • warrior 3 channels this to crown to align your whole life with your empowerment

Relax into the new You

Dru relaxation techniques harness all the principles we've explored above to create profound transformation within. It's one thing to emerge from a Dru relaxation feeling warmly content and profoundly relaxed... and quite another to discover that you've actually relaxed yourself into a new you along the way!


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Retired, ivybridge

The workshop was warm, friendly, very interesting and mind altering. It was all inclusive, encouraging and well put together.

A supportive class experience

A hallmark of a Dru class is that you'll feel welcomed into a rich supportive atmosphere, encouraged to practice your yoga in a way that's just right, just for you. Multiple studies show that supportive human connectedness is one of the greatest healing forces there is. And Dru teachers take great pride in creating a warm environment of friendship and care, using their in-depth training in group energetics to build a truly remarkable atmosphere by the end of their classes. 




Yoga off the mat

There are many other factors that enable Dru to be so simple, yet so potent. And one of the more important factors is how Dru practitioners love to take their yoga off the mat - making all kinds of contributions to the world around them. It's just possible that it is this fact that puts power behind a Dru practitioner's techniques, and brings them the transformations of body, mind and emotions they report so fondly.



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